Product FAQ


What’s the length of the watchband?

  • The length from top of the watchband to the bottom of the watchband including the case is 9.64 inch in Men's series and 8.66 inch in Women's.

Does the watch come with extra links?

  • We can send you the extra links separately. Please reach out to our customer service with the order reference number once you complete your purchase. (applies to Signature series only)

Can you adjust the watchstrap?


What are the materials used for Paul Rich watches?

  • The glass is mineral crystal (of the best quality in its category) and the leather is genuine leather (not PU). Cases are made of top quality stainless steel.

What’s the approximate weight?

  • Signature series: 176g.
  • Star Dust series: 180g.
  • Chrono series: 94g.
  • Cosmic series: 95g.
  • Hamptons: 67g.
  • Heart of the Ocean: 50g.


Are the quarters functioning ?

  • Yes, the small sub-dials are all fully functional.

Is it water resistant?

  • The watch is water resistant but not waterproof. Swimming or showering is NOT recommended.

Does it come with a battery?

  • All our watches come with battery included. 


Can I order an engraved watch?

  • We do not offer such services at the moment.

Will I hear it ticking in an empty room?

  • The case is all stainless steel, so we would say you should not hear it.